BendBroadband Drops ROOT SPORTS, Home Of Your Seattle Mariners & Portland Timbers - FAQ's

Last Update February, 11, 2014

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What's happening between ROOT SPORTS and BendBroadband?

BendBroadband eliminated ROOT SPORTS from its cable systems on January 1, 2013 despite ROOT SPORTS seeking no additional costs increase. This means BendBroadband took away your access to the Seattle Mariners and Portland Timbers, as well as the 2013-14 Seattle Seahawks regular season game previews; and all the Gonzaga, the Big Sky, Mountain West and other major professional and collegiate events on the network.

Why did BendBroadband eliminate ROOT SPORTS?

Many distributors are coping with rising prices from various networks and especially so from major sports providers. But, in this situation, ROOT SPORTS did not seek any sort of price increase from BendBroadband. BendBroadband has severed its customers' loyalties to popular teams, leaving any local sports fans to switch to either DIRECTV or DISH Network to still see the same games.

How do other BendBroadband customers feel about the loss of ROOT SPORTS?

Many BendBroadband customers are disappointed with the loss of their Mariners, Timbers and other Northwest teams. As of January 13, BendBroadband has shut down the ability of customers to comment on their blog. Customers can continue to post comments and engage in discussions on the Bring Back ROOT Sports to BendBroadband page on Facebook:

Is there any chance I can get ROOT SPORTS back?

The only way to guarantee continued access to the regional sports teams that you love is to switch providers today. Your Mariners and Timbers on ROOT SPORTS are available locally on both DIRECTV and DISH Network. You can reach your local DIRECTV and DISH Network dealer by calling 541-639-4840. We understand that switching providers can be an inconvenience, so fans are also encouraged to call BendBroadband and ask them to bring back ROOT SPORTS at 1-800-859-ROOT(7668).

If DIRECTV Sports Networks partially owns and fully operates ROOT SPORTS, isn't this just a way for DIRECTV to get more customers?

Anyone would be free to make that claim if ROOT SPORTS and DIRECTV Sports Networks had raised the prices it charges to BendBroadband and BendBroadband only eliminated ROOT SPORTS to try to save its customers money, but that's the opposite of what's actually occurring. ROOT SPORTS did not seek any price increase, and yet BendBroadband still decided to stop providing ROOT SPORTS, meaning the only place people around Bend can still get these games is through either DIRECTV or DISH Network.

What teams and how many games am I actually going to be missing?

ROOT SPORTS carries almost every Seattle Mariners game and Portland Timbers match, which aren't available anywhere else. ROOT SPORTS currently has a wide birth of live college programming, with over 175 live college basketball games and 24 live college football matchups. ROOT SPORTS has exclusive coverage of Gonzaga basketball, the Big Sky, the Mountain West, and the West Coast Conference. Current schedules can be found on ROOT SPORTS has exclusive Seattle Seahawks regular season and playoff previews, coaches' shows. ROOT SPORTS produced and televised 159 of the Seattle Mariners' 162 games in 2013 - all in high-definition. None of those were available live for online streaming at ROOT SPORTS also produced and televised 24 Portland Timbers MLS regular season matches, again, very few of which were available anyplace else.

What prevented BendBroadband from continuing its more than ten-year partnership with ROOT SPORTS?

It's a much better question for BendBroadband. We understand and appreciate that they hope to keep the costs that they pass along to customers down, but that's one of the major reasons ROOTS SPORTS didn't seek any sort of price increase of its own. That would have enabled everyone a lot of economic stability, while still being able to see all of their favorite teams' future games. Many fans depend on their televisions as the one lifeline to still see these favorite teams. More than 20 other cable companies around the state have embraced the same partnership, and thankfully, DIRECTV and DISH Network are now available to everyone around Bend, OR who wants to see these same games too.

How do the teams now feel about this?

Nobody feels good about alienating or antagonizing any fans from the Central Oregon region. They live far enough from some of the key stadiums that cable television is one of their best options to develop and sustain their loyalties to the team. Timbers Chief Operating Officer Mike Golub has said the MLS squad is "very disappointed to learn that BendBroadband has decided not to provide the 2013 Portland Timbers season on television to our passionate fans in Central Oregon. We're expecting an exciting 2013 season, and we want to share it with all our loyal fans. Unfortunately due to this decision, there will be no local or regional Timbers matches available to BendBroadband customers until a deal with ROOT SPORTS is completed."