About Us

ROOT SPORTS is the television home of the Seattle Mariners, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Seawolves, and Gonzaga Bulldogs. The network delivers more than 330 live events each year across a five-state footprint.

Established on April 1, 2011, ROOT SPORTS is the nation’s premier regional sports network providing a unique and special experience for local sports fans, sponsors, teams, and media partners. Formerly FSN Northwest, we realized we had the opportunity to create something special, not just by changing our name, but by developing a brand that brings powerful meaning to the local fan’s viewing experience and creates our own identity that aligns more closely with our team partners, the fans, and our regions.

Our name has a double meaning – supporting and rooting for our home team, and being grounded, connected and an insider with our team partners and their fans. As fans, we are rooting for the home team to win and be successful – this is what keeps us grounded in the community and gives us something to collectively celebrate, know and embrace.

Guided by our positioning, we deliver coverage that is decidedly local and specifically from a fans point of view. Here’s how:

We are on the inside. We have relationships with the teams and invest in them to the greatest degree in order to deliver unparalleled access to games and exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage.

We heighten. We make sure your games look great by capitalizing on every available resource and adding greater context, innovation, and shine to the experience.

We connect. We never miss an opportunity to give our viewers and sponsors a feeling of participation and make them feel closer to the game and team.

Our name reflects that we too are passionate fans, rooted in the community and committed to providing a quality experience that connects us to our teams and their fans. By simply watching, fans are connected to something bigger and are united with fellow fans that share in the same excitement of special moments and the months-long journeys called seasons.


Together, we root, live and die with our teams. It’s what fans do. And it’s what we do too.

Welcome to ROOT SPORTS.